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PUBG 1.44​ Update Fixes April’s Bugs and Reintroduces Vikendi Map

PUBG update 1.44​ has officially been released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Even though the update is small, it brought some fixes to a few bugs that were left from last April’s massive Season 7 patch.

Patch notes include resolutions for BRDM exploits, see-through buildings, and speciation glitches.​ The good news for PUBG fans is that the Vikendi map is making a return with major changes.

PUBG 1.44​ Update – Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes courtesy of a PUBG Corp blog post and of news outlet Newsweek.

• Fixed the problem where a player can enter a BRDM while firing on full auto and still keep on firing without exposing their body.
• Fixed the problem where a building in Vikendi is shown incorrectly on the mini-map.
• Fixed an issue when using the “Skol-Kar98k” skin wherein the ammunition count is not displayed correctly while reloading.
• Fixed a bug that causes incorrect display of the left wrist when equipping the Panzerfaust.
• Fixed a bug that makes some of the buildings in Miramar completely see-through.
• Fixed the problem wherein players can’t correctly switch between players when they are spectating in the solo mode.

Season 7’s Bots Remain on Consoles

The update arrives after two full weeks since the debut of Season 7 on PS4 and Xbox One. The base Season 7 content included a Vikendi rework, new Survivor Pass, the Mosin-Nagant weapon, and some M249 balance adjustments.

However, the most controversial addition is the bots on consoles. It is something developers have said will be used sparingly, but they also stated that it remains an essential feature to keep lobbies active and populated. PUBG 1.44 update​ does nothing to fix any concern related to bots, but the hotfix does make insignificant progress in ensuing PUBG Season 7 continues as the developers intended.

In conclusion, PUBG players won’t be able to see anything different from the items, skins, maps, or modes as it happens with massive updates.


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