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PS5 Was Listed on Amazon UK With a Shocking Price

With less and less time to wait for Sony’s next-generation console, numerous listings started to show up on the Internet. Now, one listing, in particular, has appeared on Amazon UK at £599.99 (around $765), but the placeholder was almost immediately taken down; however, not before a person managed to buy the console.  

Hot UK Deals was able to make a screenshot of a dummy ASIN page for the PS5, which had the price mentioned, while a user that goes by the name of ashmac pre-ordered it before the post was taken down.  

The listing is not worth taking seriously as the model on the post included 2TB of storage, which doesn’t match with the PS5’s specs revealed earlier this year, where the console was clearly explained to come with an 825GB solid-state drive, including an option for an additional external hard drive. The world ‘dummy,’ also points to a placeholder.  

At the listed price, it would be the most expensive PlayStation console, beating the PS3 by £175 (about $223), but we expect it to actually cost around $500.  

Other PS5 Dummy Listings Have Appeared  

The PS5 Future of Gaming event is scheduled to take place on June 11th, and would likely mostly focus on software, not the price of the next-generation console, which will probably be revealed as we approach the PS5’s release date in the holiday season of 2020.  

As per a tweet by the Wario64 games news account, numerous dummy listings have been revealed for PS5 games, as well. Among these listings, the one for a Koch Media title has also appeared, but most of them have been removed from Amazon UK.  

Other publishers noted in dummy listings include Konami, Warner Bros, Namco Bandai, Bethesda, and Take-Two Interactive. However, as we mentioned above, it’s not worth taking for good those until we know which games are actually going to come to next-generation consoles from the major developers. 


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