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PS5 Update Credibility – Leaked Price!

Several images were leaked from a significant Spanish retailer that could have just revealed the price of the PS5.

The photos come from El Corte Ingles, and they appeared unexpectedly, likely revealing the price of both Sony’s upcoming consoles ahead of their official release.


The two images originate from El Corte Ingles, which happens to be one of the biggest retailers in Spain!

The pictures depict the store’s internal systems showing entries for both the digital and regular versions of the PS5, which were also shared on Telegram, the popular messaging service.

According to the photos, a PS5 version will set you back €499.90 ($594/£460), while the other will cost €399.90 ($475/£369).

We believe that the digital-only version of the system is probably the cheaper version.

Here is a Twitter post containing a revealing picture:

The prices are likely the retailer’s custom placeholders for the upcoming system. Still, the fact that they line up precisely with similar leaks posted to Amazon France last month makes the news all that more intriguing.

Additionally, the prices are on par with what we expected to see at Sony’s PS5 event.

As the reveal day is so close, it appears that retailers might have already been informed about the system’s actual price.

If the prices are accurate, it appears that Microsoft undercut its Japanese rival by a long shot.

Both Microsoft counterparts are approximately one hundred dollars more affordable!

However, Sony is trying its best to lure potential customers with its extensive library of games.


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