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PS5: The Good and the Bad News

We are all waiting for the release date of PS5. There’s a significant update coming for the next PlayStation from Sony.

In a few months from now, PS4 will be six years old, and according to the past, this is the time where people usually start looking for the next generation of consoles. Sony has already talked about what they want to do for PS5 in an official statement earlier this year.

Mark Cerny has talked in an interview with Wired about everything we need to know about the next console.

As it has been told, the PS5 will come with 8K visuals, it will be backward compatible with the PS4, and it will have ray-tracing graphics. he also said that it wouldn’t be launching before April 2020. However, we don’t know when Sony will reveal the PS5, and if they would do it with a vast event, different than others, and they would broadcast it.

2019 is almost over, and everyone is currently looking to see what will 2020 bring. Of course, this is where all the PS5 rumors started. What we have is good and bad at the same time for all the fans around the world.

GameRant has published a post, in which it has been said that Sony is preparing two PS5 models for the first day. Apparently, there will be a base PS5 model and a Pro version, both available at the launch.

We have also heard that the entry-level PS5 will be more affordable and that for the Pro console you will have to pay some cash. We don’t know for sure if any of this is true, so we need to remain reserved when it comes to all of these claims until we get an official statement. But if this is true, then there are two ways in which we can get this.

The first one is that it’s good to have an entry-level PS5, which would seem even greater if it’s upgrading from a certain cost point. But it would also mean that you are getting the best technology for you – so more money to pay.


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