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PS5 I/O bandwidth can reach 17.38 GB/s

PlayStation Access explains how the PS5 tech works in a new video. The video focuses on the upcoming console’s SSD and Input/Output (IO) system. However, it looks like the concept is much cheaper than its actual worth. At least, according to Wccftech. So far, Sony has advertised its PS5’s SSD quite a lot. Another focus was the excellent read speeds of the console. However, we did not hear that much about the custom I/O unit, which plays an essential role in the process. 

PS5 Tech explained

It turns out the detail was deliberately overlooked. According to Mark Cerny, the “data happened to compress particularly well,” which in theory means that PS5’s I/O system could output data at an unbelievable 22 GB/s. Wccftech states Oodle Kraken and Oodle Texture can support the process up to 17.38 GB/s max. Both tools come from RAD Game and have different means. Oodle Kraken copes with decompressing data, while Oodle Texture helps with the compression of game textures.

Taking the potential 8-9 GB/s rate into consideration, Sony is expecting the PS5 to offer a 1.64 to 1 ratio for games as a result of the Kraken tool. Nevertheless, since the Texture tool is joining the board, the ratio should go up to 3.16 to 1. Therefore, it should produce an I/O unit bandwidth of 17.38 GB/s. The result is not that far away from Cerny’s theoretical representation of 22 GB/s. 

At a closer examination of Sony’s next-gen console tech, Cerny discovered that the custom decompressor could give a similar performance to nine Zen 2 cores in a normal CPU, which is quite remarkable. Although the whole concept is quite incredible, the game console’s performance is up to each game in particular. That means that the console’s performance depends on how it is utilizing the available bandwidth.

However, the complex process of bandwidth and data decompressing is not as tricky anymore as it was put in a visual comparison. See the video below to understand the concept better.



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