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PS5 Controller Revealed In New Images Via A Recently Filed Patent

An SIE – Sony Interactive Entertainment patent has come with new pictures of a possible PS5 controller. These images, that were posted on the Japanese patent website, are placed with the PlayStation maker, and they match the description from the PS5 prototype pad. This comes from a Wired article, in which Sony’s next-gen controller is said to look a lot like the PS4’s DualShock 4.

The patent talks about a microphone, but the images posted online show many other design changes between the possible controller and the DualShock 4. The one from the pictures has larger triggers and smaller sticks, and there’s also no light bar and a USB port.

The real prototype PS5 controller is given to developers right now, and it is described as being an unlabeled black-matter device that looks very similar to the DualShock 4 from PS4. However, Sony has confirmed some additions to the controller.

PS5 controller to bring some significant enhancements

One big improvement coming to the PS5 controller is the adaptive triggers, which will offer different levels of resistance in order to make game mechanics – like shooting an arrow – feel more real. We are talking about the tension that’s increasing when you pull the arrow back.

The controller, which will use USBC in order to charge, will also come with haptic feedback, and with programmable voice-coil actuators, which are placed in the left and the right grips of the pad. And combined with a better speaker, this haptics can enable amazing effects for the player.

The images from the patent were compared to a PS4A VGC mock-up controller. It was said that the sand felt slow, and the mud felt slow, too. The ice made the character gliding. When jumping into a pool, there was a somewhat resistance to the water, and a bouncy sensation when the character was placed on a wooden bridge.


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