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PS5 Controller Might Looks Like This, Sony Patent Reveals

The Internet is flooded in PS5-related rumors, and enthusiasts cannot wait to finally be able to get their hands on this much-awaited console.

The PS5 might not be that expensive 

Not too long ago, it has been revealed that the PS5 might be more affordable than previously believed, according to the latest teases coming from a Sony exec.

BGR reported that the company did not mention yet some actual price points for the upcoming console, which is awaited by a lot of gaming enthusiasts.

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has spoken about Sony’s strategy for the next console, and he implied that upgrading to the PS5 should be the thing to do.

This is because Sony seems to be pulling out all the stops to make this happen.

The console is expected to be launched next year.

The online publication mentioned above reported that during an interview with Games Industry, Ryan said that Sony is preparing for a massive launch in 2020.

More than that, the tech giant “wants to transition its PS4 customers to the next version as soon and as fast as possible.”

PS5 controller might look like this 

Now, The Next Web detailed that there might be info on how the controller for this console might look like and they mention a patent released by Sony.

It’s been revealed that the patent is filed with the Japanese Patent Office, and it might have offered people the very first glimpse of the PS5’s controller.

It’s not 100% certain that this will be the Duaklshock 5 or whatever name Sony will be choosing for the device.

The online publication mentioned above notes that probably the most notable difference between the Dualshock 5 and 3 and 4 versions might be the fact that the light bar on the top is missing.

“The triggers and sticks also appear to be slightly smaller, and the headphone jack on the bottom is being replaced with what appears a USB port of some kind,” they wrote as well.

You can see more in the photo above, and we also recommend that you check out the tweet above for more details regarding a potential PS5 design.


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