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PS4: Do You Also Encounter the YouTube NP-37602-8 Error Code? Here’s How to Fix It

You might have also encountered the issue on PS4 since last month, where the YouTube app keeps you signed out, but when trying to log in again, it appears the NP-37602-8 error code.  

In addition, when you attempt to search PlayStation Support in regard to the error and get no results, the situation can become annoying. However, Sony and YouTube have taken notice of the issue and are trying to address it at the moment.  

Is There a Fix for the Issue Yet?  

A week after confirming that a fix is under development, the error code is still leading log-in issues with the YouTube app on the PS4 console. According to YouTube developers, the problem is ‘taking longer than expected’ as noted in the last update from the team’s Twitter account, which was posted on May 30th.  


There’s no fix yet for the NP-37602-8 error code, but some users have found a way to solve the problem until a final fix is released by developers.   

How to Tackle the Error Code NP-37602-8 Until a Fix is Released?  

As stated by reputable GamesRadar, there is no fix for this particular issue for now, but you can still use YouTube on the console while staying signed in. You have to use another device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and use the ‘Cast’ button in the app. This function will enable you to control YouTube on PS5 while signed in, if you use the same Wi-Fi network, obviously.  

All you have to do is launch the YouTube app, click on the ‘Cast’ icon, and select your console. Many users have tested the solution and reported it indeed works as a temporary fix to the NP-37602-8 error code. Until an official fix is released, this solving allows you to watch YouTube on your TV through your console. 


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