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Pokemon Sword and Shield Unveiled Sirfetch’d, The New Version for The Old Pokemon Farfetch’d

Pokemon Sword and Shield to introduce a new version for an old Pokemon, and it is the best thing so far. We have the chance to meet Sirfetch’d, the latest update of Farfetch’d. Pokemon developers came with the brilliant idea to change one of the most popular Pokemons future.

The company unveiled a brief trailer that proudly presented Sirfetch’d. The name chose for the Pokemon is based on a knight. It will appear exclusively on Pokemon Sword. The rumors have it that Farfetch’d evolved into a lance and shield, which has the skill to attach during any fight.

From the trailer, it can be observed that the Pokemon posses a severe behavior as befitting a knight. Also, Sirfetch’d display a humorous attitude when its trainer tries to play with him. The Pokemon uses its lance to hit the trainer.

According to a press release by the Pokemon company, Sirfetch’d from the Galar region can evolve into the Pokemon, “after experiencing many battles’. Sirfetch’s is known as a special Fighting-version, and it posses the Steadfast Skill.

More Details On Sirfetch’d, The New Version for The Old Pokemon Farfetch’d To Come To Pokemon Sword and Shield

The skill lets the Pokemon develop its speed after blenching. Also, it can obtain a new move named Meteor Assault. The power from the latest move is so mighty that the attack with the lance makes it unable to move the next step.

Farfetch’d isn’t the only old Pokemon which receives an upgrade and a region-exclusive transformation in Pokemon Sword and Shield. There is Linoone which got into Obstagoon, very similar to the well-known singer Gene Simmons of Kiss.

Another old Pokemon got a significant makeover, looking like top hats, known as Weezing. For all the evolution details and other features of the old Pokemons, you can easily access the gallery.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be available on November 15 for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo will also launch a version for the new Nintendo Switch Lite.


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