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Pokémon Sword and Shield: They Removed the National Dex, and They Have No Regrets

The developer of Pokemon Sword and Shield Game Freak does not worry about the controversy that came once it chose to get rid of an important feature. For those of you who don’t know, the next month’s Switch exclusives will be the very first without a National Dex.

This actually means that, in comparison with the past games, the player will not be able to move their existing Pokemon collection to the titles of Generation 8 – not entirely. After this announcement at E3, the studio talked about the issue: Sword and Shield‘s Galar region will home the existing ‘Mons from the past. Those that will be kept would be able to be transferred to and from the new service Pokemon Home.

Those that won’t be able to be transferred will need to be kept in storage until the game studio decides to reintroduce them through a post-launch patch, or simply get them back for future releases. Many fans were not pleased with this announcement. Some referred to the removal of the National Dex as Dexit.

Despite the negative feedback, Game Freak is not moved. In a recent interview, the producer of the game, Junichi Masuda, stated that he and the development team have no regrets when it comes to this decision. When asked if the backlash changed the design process in a certain way, he stated that it did not make them think things through and that they are always looking for ways to make the game more enjoyable and fun for fans. They want what’s best for their fans and for the company in the future, and they want to make the experience richer for their fans.


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