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Pokémon Sword and Shield: New Additions Officially Announced

Nearly a week after the launch of highly awaited The Pokémon ​Company, reports of new findings surfaced on the web.

The new information concerns the Shiny Rates and Brilliant Pokémon, a brand new feature incorporated into the Gen 8 games. Posting the information that players should be aware of in what concerns a bunch of features in Pokémon ​Sword and Shield, the game’s official website shared what this is all about. There is stuff about the Wild Area and Max Raid Battles, but the news regarding Brilliant Pokémon​ and Shiny Pokémon​ are in our main focus.

Shiny Pokémon​ Hunting and Rates

Before the launch of Pokémon​ Sword and Shield, field researchers found out how Shiny Pokémon​ are fixed with rates and a new shape of Shiny Hunting. Even so, The Pokémon​ Company announced that the more Pokémon​ players fight or catch, the higher the probability a Brilliant or Shiny Pokémon​ will show up. The blog post also mentioned that the battles players take on are not mandatory to be consecutive.

For a bit of background, Brilliant Pokémon​ are Pokémon​ in the overworld that carry a yellow aura surrounding them. Brilliant Pokémon​ have a minimum of one Egg Move, and some perfect IVs as well. Trainers who catch or beat these Pokémon​ will also get a couple of Watts. 

Chain Fishing Method

Chain Fishing was a Shiny Hunting technique incorporated in Gen 6, but it’s getting some more time in Pokémon​ Sword and Shield. This time, the method won’t work on Shiny Pokémon​, but on Brilliant Pokémon​.

Trainers will have the chance to fish in Pokémon​ Sword and Shield almost as they begin to play. If they create a streak, Brilliant Pokémon​ is more prone to show up. Dissimilar to the battle streaks, Chain Fishing in Pokémon​ Sword and Shield only functions if players create a streak. If the streak is lost, they fall short in spooling a Pokémon​. If they catch a Pokémon​, and leave the place or turn off the game, the streak will stop. 

Pokémon​ Sword and Shield are now available for Nintendo Switch.


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