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Pokemon Masters To Get Professor Oak As The New Trainer On The Valentine’s Day

The Pokemon Company has released a video on its official YouTube channel, and it seems that Professor Oak, the original Pokemon Professor, will make his appearance in Pokemon Masters on Feb. 14 as a new trainer.

In the teaser video, we hear a narrator speaking about his old days, about Pokemon battles, and seeing a man putting on a white lab coat. We believe it’s going to be Professor Oak, but unfortunately, we have no confirmation just yet.

Pokemon Masters is the new mobile title from DeNA and The Pokemon Company, which comes with many trainers and gym leaders together with plenty of other characters from the Pokemon franchise to an artificial island, where they will compete against one another in three-on-three Pokemon battles.

Pokemon Masters To Get Professor Oak As The New Trainer On The Valentine’s Day

Pokemon Masters is a free game that was released last summer. It has about 20 million downloads, which is a lot for a mobile game. But even when it was first launched, it got tons of attention, at it hit more than 10 million downloads in just three days. You can get the game from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

The main goal of the game is to become the Champion. In order to enter the Pokémon Masters League, players need to collect at least five Badges, and they can do it by defeating the PML Leaders from the Pasio Island. When they recruit a sync pair, players are able to unlock a sync pair story. Players can take part in limited-time events that are updated continuously.

These events include both single-player stories and multiplayer stories – co-operative ones – teams must team up in order to defeat powerful enemies. This way, you’re getting prizes and rewards.

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