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Pokemon-Inspired Game to Launch This Year

Similar to the Pokemon Go series, a new game that made fans of the franchise want to know more about, will launch this year. We are also extremely excited, don’t count on Pokemon’s fans only.

The official game description, recently posted on the Internet, says: ​”Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your TemTem squad. Catch every TemTem and battle tamers around the world.”​

TemTem is an open-world adventure game that will first be available for PC via Early Access. The game’s release time has finally been revealed, indicating a launch on January 21st of this year. For console users, the game’s developer, Crema, intends to release it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020.

According to the developers, TemTem said the game would be available for consoled after the Alpha. They want everyone to have access to the Alpha on PC, and then, fans will get to decide after the launch of Early Access on PC whether to play it on PC or wait a few months for the console version.

TemTem is a Possible PS5 Title

The game could also be a probable title for PS5, but it entirely depends on when the developers decide to release the game for consoles. However, that is just a speculation, as no official comments were made regarding this subject.

Sony’s next-generation console is set to launch during ‘holidays 2020,’ and depending on how much success the game will have, the company could consider adding it to the PS5.

TemTem is not a Pokemon sequel, but it is inspired by the series. Even the game’s official description mentions that it is ‘a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure inspired by Pokemon. 

The title is an online open-world game that enables you to make teams, chat, battle with other players, customize your character and house, and also catch the TemTems. The game is being created by the Madrid-based gaming studio Crema and published by Humber Bundle.


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