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Pokemon Home Launched on Nintendo Switch and Smartphones

Nintendo Switch has brought Pokemon Home to its collection of games! Real soon, the cloud-based subscription service will be available too. What is the cloud-based subscription service? It will allow you to move Pokemon from the games you previously played into Pokemon Sword and Shield among; it also includes other features. Although a date hasn’t been confirmed yet, we know it will be released this year’s month.

Pokemon Home

You can choose to play Pokemon Home from the Nintendo Switch app or the mobile app. Compared to the Nintendo Switch app, the mobile app has different features, such as trading. The mobile app is more like an adjoint app to the Nintendo Switch app rather than an alternative. You can download the Nintendo Switch on Android, and iOS versions too.

Pokemon Home Price

You can play the free version of the Pokemon Home; however, as all free versions of a game, it has limited potential. The premium version offers you the full capacity of the game, such as added storage. The premium costs are actually quite affordable: one month is $3, three months is $5, and 12 months is $16.

Pokemon game surprise

To celebrate the release of Pokemon Home, The Pokemon Company planned a surprise for the Pokemon users. The company is offering a free month of Pokemon Bank! On top of that, players will also get the storage service on 3DS. The surprise also includes the associated Poke Transporter app, which is an app that helps you to transfer Pokemon from DS games over to Bank as well.

Pokemon Bank usually costs $5 per year. Therefore, this company’s move means that players that are planning to move Pokemon from their 3DS games via Bank to Pokemon Home won’t have to pay for two subscription fees to do it. They might not even have to pay for any subscription fees.


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