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Pokemon GO: Why You Shouldn’t Miss The 0.189.0 Update

Pokemon GO remains a worldwide phenomenon, as many players like to get involved in its amazing environment for finding those cute pocket monsters and engage them in battle. But the game becomes even more interesting, as the 0.189.1 update already began to roll out for the players.

As many of you had expected, a Haloween Logo will be greeting the players soon in the game, and we didn’t even begin to tell you about all the new stuff.

New Pokemon

Galarian Yamask and his evolution Runerigus will be added to Pokemon GO. Runerigus is both a Ground and Ghost Pokémon introduced in the 8th generation. Galarian Yamask evolves when the player travels under the stone bridge in Dusty Bowl, and Yamask has to take at least 49 HP in damage without fainting.

Avatar Facemask

There’s a new slot for a facemask, there are new Halloween masks, a new Verizon mask and also a basic mask. They’ve all been datamined previously.

Default Filter


This appears to be a setting for a default filter for when you open up your Pokémon storage.  No hints at being able to customize this at the moment.

Friend List Improvements





Queue Friend Profile are something to take advantage of, and trying to speed up the way friend’s profiles load is a reasonable explanation for this addition.

GBL Pokemon Rule Views



One explanation is that this is for viewing the ban list from the Go Battle League Cups.

The list of the newly added things that the 0.189.0 update brings for Pokemon GO is even larger, and jumping into the game ASAP is a good idea if you’re among its fans. The game is playable for free, although we must mention that there are several in-app purchases to grab.


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