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Pokemon Go Update: Are We Getting a Crossover Storyline?

The developer of Pokemon Go, Niantic, has uncovered the new loading screen of the game for the autumn season. With regards to the past loading screens, the image has about two potential clues about what’s next for Pokemon Go. There’s one thing that for sure: Niantic has big plans for the entire Team Rocket storyline. The loading screen has many Shadow Pokemon, and their trainer is making a move in order to confront Team Rocket’s leader Giovanni.

But, according to ComicBook, there’s more about this story that we don’t know. The gym that’s in the background is made after the popular Viridian City gym in the Pokemon series. The animated series is ready to introduce a new character, which is called Go. It this a significant crossover between the two worlds?

When talking about the crossover, we should also mention that we might get a promotion between Pokemon Go and the soon-to-hit-the-market Sword and Shield from Nintendo Switch.

As per a new post from Reddit, Game Freak, the developer of Pokemon Sword and Shield will make the team with Pokemon Go’s developer, Niantic, to work on a special surprise for us. As fans know, the new set of the game happens in the Galar region, which has at its basis the UK.

By taking into account, the data that’s discovered in the Pokemon Go game files, the Galarian variations of the present Pokemon will make their appearance on Pokemon Go. This means that all the fans of Pokemon Go can encounter Galarian Linoone, Galarian Weezing, and Galarian Zigzagoon.

We are not sure when the crossover will take place, but it will probably take place closet to the release date of Sword and Shield, on the 15th of November. The very same leak talks about the developer of the game, Niantic, coming up with a new quest, that’s called “A Colossal Discovery.” There is a possibility that this is a connection to the new Dynamaxing feature of Sword and Shield. The function transforms Pocket Monsters into these vast beasts that have powerful special moves.


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