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Pokemon Go Spotlight Unveiled and May Research Breakthrough

May Day is approaching and an end for the Alolan Exeggutor period as the Pokemon Go Research Breakthrough. In approximately 24 hours, Shinx, a Flash Pokemon, will finally reach the spotlight as the weekly reward encounter.

Players enjoy this update as of May 1 at 1 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Such an event will mark the fifth month in a row for an encounter to feature a non-Legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Go’s Updates in May

Niantic announced the upcoming reward encounter for May. The Flash Pokemon, Shinx, will be ready to meet its fans on May 1. The Pokemon GO Team announced that this time around, we’re not going to see a new Team GO Rocket Special Research. They also hinted at an eventual comeback of such quests, detailing: “We really don’t expect Team GO Rocket to be quiet all summer…”

So, we don’t have to lose our hope, as Niantic will surely bring Team GO Rocket somewhere this summer. All we have to do is wait and find out if they will return to their well-know format or if they choose another path.

Niantic unveiled, as well, which Pokemon will appear in the weekly Tuesday Spotlight Hours and what bonuses to expect. For May 5 we’ll have Shellder and a Double Catch Stardust bonus. On may 12, Sunkern will resurface with a sleek bonus of Double Catch XP, while May 19 will witness Poochyena’s arrival and a bonus of Double Catch Candy.

Ultimately, the month will end with Bronzor on May 26 and a Double Transfer Candy bonus. It seems this time around, players will have plenty of chances to get their hands on some of the sleekest rewards ever. If you’re interested in finding more about the May event, you can visit the Pokemon Go’s official webpage.

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