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Pokemon Go: October’s Community Day Comes with Trapinch and Many Other Surprises

September Community Day from -, but Niantic has not lost any time: they announced the first details about the October event. October’s Community Day will start on Saturday, the 12th of October and players will have even more chances to catch yet another Pokemon that initially comes from Ruby and Sapphire. We are talking about Trapinch.

On the time of the event, Trapinch will be wilder than it used to be, and you might even get a Shiny Trapinch for the very first time. The Ant Pit Pokemon will be here for a special event – that, if you evolve it in its final form, Flygon until the end of the Community Day. Niantic has not said a thing about the new attack, though.

Besides the Trapinch spawns, the company also comes with many other bonuses with this Community Day. You will have the chance to win three times the average amount of XP when you get a Pokemon while the event is taking place. The Lure Modules which you use while Community Day is happening will last for three hours, instead the 30 minutes we all agree it’s too little time.

The event from October will take place earlier than usual. The same happened with September’s Community Day. It will occur from 11 AM to 2 PM local time.

In other news, there’s the first Gen 5 Pokemon which has made its appearance in Pokemon Go. They come as part of the final set of Ultra Bonuses of the game. This last set includes Mewtwo being back for the five-star Raids.

Besides the new pokemon, the company has also come up with an item that’s called the Unova Stone. It’s all about specific Gen 5 monsters. We will find out more about it soon.


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