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Pokemon Go Made Earning PokeCoins More Accessible

The way of getting PokeCoins in Pokemon Go has been updated a few times so far since 2016. There are now more people who play from home, and Niantic has decided to test some new ways of getting the game’s currency. Unfortunately, none of the updates that will be mentioned below won’t make it in the Americas, Asia, Europe, or Africa.

Of course, this is not going to be Niantic’s final decision, so we should wait for more details. The following PokeCoin updates will reach Australia first. After the Australian feedback, Niantic will roll out the updates for the rest of the regions.

How to Earn PokeCoins in Pokemon Go?

Now, players can get up to six PokeCoins/hour if they put their Pokemon in the gym. The upcoming update will decrease that earning to only two PokeCoins/hour defending a gym. Such a thing will make it somehow challenging to receive a daily max of 50 coins with only a Pokemon. The limit, however, won’t be 50 once the updates roll out. With the arrival of new methods of receiving PokeCoins, the daily max will reach 55.

As for the actual methods for stacking up the currency, the challenges will be:

  • Win a raid;
  • Make an Excellent Time;
  • Catch a Pokemon;
  • Evolve a Pokemon;
  • Transfer a Pokemon;
  • Make a Great Throw;
  • Take a snapshot of your buddy;
  • Make a Nice Throw;
  • Power up a Pokemon;
  • Use a Berry to help catch a Pokemon.

The daily tasks will bring you five PokeCoins each. We still don’t know for sure where these challenges will pop up in the game menus or how many you could do in a day. Also, the Pokemon Go updates to how PokeCoins are received will seemingly make obtaining the in-game currency much accessible.

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