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Pokémon Go – Charmander Community Day Tips And Tricks

Pokémon Go is having yet another Charmander event in the form of a Community Day.

Start Time

The event will kick off on Oct. 17, at 11 a.m., and it will go on for six hours.

As it usually happens with Community Day events, Charmander will be spawning more frequently during the six-hour time gap, with an increased chance to appear Shiny.

Obtaining A Shiny Charmander

As Charmander will start spawning everywhere, you can tap every Charmander you see until you obtain a Shiny one.

You are bound to find one sooner or later as the Shiny rate during Community Days is increased to approximately one in 24 or about four percent.

When a Charizard evolves from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. in your local time on the event day, it learns Dragon Breath, which isn’t very useful for Charizard, but works wonders on the Mega Evolved forms.

Making The Most Out Of The Event

Stardust from catching Pokemon during the event will get a 3x multiplier, so if you have any Star Pieces, you might want to use them before going on a quest to catch Charmander.

Field Research and Timed Research also grants Charizard Mega Energy.

If you want to Mega Evolve your Charizard, consider evolving it during the event to obtain Dragon Breath. You can pair that with Dragon Claw to pack a serious punch.

If you decide which Shiny Charmander you want to evolve by the end of the day, you should consider trying out one of the new search strings. Sort your Pokemons by “recent” with the lower right icon, type “4*” in the search box from the top, and that will show you if you own any 100% IV Charmander. Most people aren’t that lucky, so you’ll want to go for the next best thing by typing “3*” for recent Pokemons that are 80% or above. Make a pick and evolve your Pokemon!


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