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Pokémon GO 0.171.4 Update is Available to Download

As the novel coronavirus outbreak makes waves all over the world, Niantic has managed, once again, to make Pokémon GO more appealing to players. Since numerous countries are under lockdown and most of the others made people self-isolate, it is hard to get out and play the game like before.

Pokémon GO’s Got a New Gameplay Strategy

Pokémon GO is an augmented mobile game that involves finding, catching, and training little creatures called Pokémon. These characters are found in places around the city in which players live, which makes it now impossible for many to play the game since the lockdown. However, he gaming studio made it possible for players to keep enjoying the title from their homes. An update released by Niantic now has players receive numerous rewards by simply walking around the house. It also comes with lots of exciting features and changes, which makes the game even more appealing.

Pokémon GO is free to play and also provides in-game purchases, which you can disable from the device’s settings. It is optimized for mobile devices, not tablets, as many used to believe. The game is compatible with Android smartphones that have at least 2GB of RAM and the Android version 4.4 and up installed.

The official description of the game says that compatibility is not ensured for mobile phones that do not have a GPS or devices only connected to Wi-Fi networks. Also, the app may not function on some smartphones, even if they have compatible operating system versions installed.

Pokémon GO is receiving regular updates, keeping it fresh and appealing.

Pokémon GO 0.171.4 Update

The latest release for the game, Pokémon GO 0.171.4 update, comes with numerous event bonuses that can be found in the ‘Today’ tab, on the research screen. Moreover, it enables players to play GO Battle League until they win, even if they do not win any battles in a set of five.


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