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Pokemon Go 0.161.1 Update: Team Go Rocket Is Here

Team Go Rocket has come to the world of Pokemon Go! You need to battle with them, rescue Pokemon and restore PokeStops. You need to join trainers from all around the globe and start discovering Pokémons everywhere. The game is very popular out there, with more than 1 billion downloads. It was named the “Best Mobile Game” by The Game Developers Choice Awards.

About Pokemon Go

Find Pokemon wherever you are. Catch as many as you can in order to complete your Pokedex! Take part in competitions: epic gym battles in order to become better. Make teams with other trainers and catch stronger Pokemon while doing Raid Battles. Get yourself a Buddy Pokemon and make it stronger; earn rewards with it, too.

The app is completely free to play, but it does come with in-game purchases. It’s also optimized for smartphones, but not for tablets. It is compatible with all the Android devices that have 2GB of RAM, and the Android Version installed 4.4 to 7.0+. It is not compatible with devices that don’t have GPS capabilities or those who are only connected to Wi-Fi networks.

Keep in mind that the game might not run on some devices, even if they meet the requirements. You might want to play it while you’re connected to a network in order to get the true location information. You also need to keep in mind that the compatibility requirements can be changed at all times.

So what’s new in the Pokemon Go 0.161.1 update?

There are new challenges: team Go Rocket is even more powerful, and you need to keep that in mind. Make the most out of the Rocket Radar if you want to find them and their hiding places. You can also catch new Shadow Pokemon that are left behind by the Team GO Rocket. Save as many as you can in the new Pokemon Go 0.161.1 update.


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