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Pokemon Go 0.159.2 Update is Kickstarting a New Team Rocket Event

With more than one hundred million active players, we think it’s safe to say that Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games ever made. The reason behind this is that Pokemon Go is giving players the chance to live out their childhood dreams of going outside the house in search for rare Pokemon, exactly like Ash Ketchum and his friends did in the famous animated series. However, this is not the only “secret” behind Pokemon Go’s success.

What makes Pokemon Go stand out when compared to other mobile games is the fact that Niantic Labs is constantly improving the performances and user experience that Pokemon Go offers through a steady stream of software updates. In fact, a new update for Pokemon Go has started rolling out earlier this morning. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out everything there is to know about it.

Pokemon Go 0.159.2 Update

If you enjoy playing Pokemon Go to kill free time, then you should make sure to keep your smartphone connected to a stable Wi-Fi network throughout the day. The reason why we are saying this is because the new update which sports the 0.159.2 version number is rolling out via OTA (over the air) channels and it should pop up in the notification panels of all Pokemon Go fans later today.

Team Rocket is Invading the World of Pokemon Go

Even though most updates for Pokemon Go introduce bug fixes and other non-exciting stuff, this is not the case for the latest 0.159.2 release. The new update introduces a bunch of major game changes and more importantly, it starts off a new event where the infamous Team Rocket invades the world of Pokemon Go. This means that players should get ready to face Team Rocket and win new rewards.


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