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Plus Messenger Update Launched With New Features, Optimizations, And More

In recent years many internet users have started to care more about their privacy, especially in the case of some recent high-profile scandals. Security is particularly important when messenger apps are used since no one wants to have their confidential chats compromised by a hacker who seeks to earn some cash. Plus Messenger is a high-security messaging app that uses the same API as Telegram. It is used by millions of people across all over the world thanks to a rich assortment of features and built-in support for several languages.

The app takes many of the core features which are provided by Telegram and makes them even better. For example, users can enjoy separate chat windows for other users, groups, channels, favorites, custom bots, unread messages, and much more. These tabs can be customized in a variety of ways.

Plus Messenger Update Brings Several Features, Improvements, and More

Up the ten accounts can be saved at all times, and they can be switched in a seamless manner, offering the ability to use both personal and business accounts on the same device without the need to login and out every time you want to check updates on a specific account. Specific content can be divided into key categories among which we can count family, sports, games, and much more. These categories can be saved for easy access, altered, deleted, and restored with a few taps.

Chat interactivity has been boosted as users can pin up to 100 chats and select 20 favorite stickers. Floating notifications will be visible when another user is online or writing a message, and several filters and settings can be applied to individual chats.

Productivity is a focus of the app, and several functions are available. Users can send a wealth of files in several formats, switch between chats easily and choose the quality of some files before they are sent. The Plus Messenger includes several changes. Users can now delete logs ad beta APK files when the cache is cleaned, add the mute chat option to a notification and see user messages or media via the profile members list.


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