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Plus Messenger Is Now Available With Improvements and New Features

In recent years many users have started to become more aware of the importance of keeping your data private, especially in the aftermath of influential scandals like Cambridge Analytica. Plus Messenger might be the optimal solution for some.

Some will argue that there is no need to worry about privacy if you have nothing to hide, but this is not true. For example, many companies are now facing issues because they shared email addresses collected from users with ‘’selected partners’’ without requiring the user to offer his permission in the first place.

Privacy is also important in the case of electronic communication since a single message that is taken out of context can lead to dire consequences in some cases. At the same time, some of the most popular messaging apps appear to be quite safe there, some of which are even better as they come with additional safeguards that keep your content secure.

Plus Messenger Brings Improvements and New Features

Plus Messenger harnesses the robust API provided by the developers of the excellent Telegram Messaging app to deliver an exceptional user experience and a vast array of features. One of the most popular traits is represented by the fact that chats are divided into individual tabs for users, channels, groups, and others. A handy quick bar lets users switch the tabs almost instantly.

Users will enjoy the option to customize the app according to their needs, which is great if you love to add a feeling of personal touch to your posts. Another boon is represented by the ability to create up to ten user accounts and to switch between them quickly.

Those who like the chat head feature present in Facebook Messenger will enjoy the fact that the app will also display floating notifications when users are online or are writing a message. There is also the option to send a variety of files to other users. The latest update, Plus Messenger, comes with new performance improvements and the option to disable the music stop feature when a voice message is recorded.


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