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Plus Codes: Google Maps’ Most Intriguing Feature

A couple of years ago, Google made Google Maps a lot simpler to use by launching Plus Codes in India. This made searching for addresses a lot easier. A Plus Code is actually an open-source solution, and it is a feature of Google Maps, which enables you to it can search for any given location all over India and even around the globe without knowing a particular address. This is extremely useful for users that want to locate exact places using Google Maps. The nice part of Plus Codes is that you can share it with fellow users as well.

In a statement, Google declared that Plus Codes could be used for a wide variety of reasons. These include the communication of a temporary event located in a venue, guiding emergency services to the afflicted locations, and even providing an identifiable location for addresses that are too complicated to search the traditional way.

This Friday, Google mentioned that it would make it easier for Google Maps users to share their Plus Codes with other users. Sharing these codes will now a two-step process, but it is only allowed on Android. This is incredibly good news for all Android users, and it makes their lives much easier. It is obvious that Google is trying to breathe life into its Plus Codes in the hope that an increasing amount of people will use this feature, which is quite convenient.

Let us now focus on explaining Plus Codes. They are an entirely new kind of addressing system, which has been designed by Google for their Google Maps. Plus, Codes let you share your exact location without having an address. Plus Codes even works for users that are, so to speak, in the middle of nowhere. The feature works globally, so there should be no limitations.

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