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PlayStation 5: What We Know About It So Far

​The PlayStation 4 launched almost half a decade ago, and no other console has been released since then. However, Sony, the developer of the popular hardware, has announced that a new installment is under development.

Even though the company has confirmed the making of the PlayStation 5, it did not reveal anything about the release date of the console, but the dates are going to be announced later this year or early in 2020.

PlayStation 5 Specs

Because the new console is still under works, it is difficult to speculate how its hardware will function. Most definitely, Sony will redevelop the previous gaming device and provide something to level on today’s standards.

People are ​skeptical when it comes to what features and specifications the PS5 will sport, but the chances are that the console will be powered by an AMD Ryzen processor. According to Charlie Demerijan of Semi-accurate, the new gaming device is probably going to feature an 8-Core Zen CPU and a GPU based on the soon-to-be-released Navi architecture.

Another report coming from the Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, they are working on a new processor. When the development kits have gotten to the developers, the hardware manufacturing may be gaining ground already.

When it comes to storage space, it is most likely that the new gaming device will sport bigger storage with a new VR headset.

Backward Compatibility​ and Improved VR Support

Mark Cerny, the system architect ​of Sony, said during the launch of PS4 Pro that the company made a huge mistake not to implement backward compatibility in it. Microsoft took the chance and offered its users the feature via constant updates. Now, the PS5 must come with excellent backward compatibility; there is no other way around.

Demerijan’s reports also say that PlayStation 5 is going to be developed with enhanced support for virtual reality. Even though the VR systems were widely accepted by people, Sony’s headset will definitely be offering the best value so far.

The Final Statement

The developer has not announced the prices of the console, as we might have expected, but with Xbox One X priced at around $600, Sony might try to go for a similar price.

When it comes to the games the PlayStation 5 will include, rest assured that it will have lots of popular titles the PS4 had.


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