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PlayStation 5: This Game Will Not Get a Sequel Anytime Soon

The next-gen PS5 will get its 2020 holiday release date. If we are to take into account the current rumors, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Horizon Zero Dawn and a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale sequel will be released on the console.

However, we would not get to see Bloodborne, or at least not anytime soon. This comes from Omnipotent, who has talked about Elden Ring. We know fans were eager to find out more about it, but a sequel is just not in the plan right now. Omnipotent explained that the game is not in development, and not even in the line to be in progress. So if there is a sequel, it will not be happening anytime soon.

Elden Ring will be quite different, but it will hit close to home

But we also have good news, they have given us insight about the ways in which Elden Ring will expand the basis of Dark Souls. The big difference is that the world will be much bigger, and it would all feel more alive. They will be able to do this through a mix of dynamic days and night cycles, lightning, weather, and wildlife. “Dynamic day/night cycles, lighting, weather, I’ll even throw you a bone and say wildlife, enemies out in the open world that change their positioning, both big and small. Things that make the world feel like it lives and breathes and doesn’t just exist as your playground and while they’re relatively minor when looked at as unique elements.”

When you do start and put all of these elements together, and you begin to build something, and you see that it has the same base as past games, it is truly something different and unbelievable.


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