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PlayStation 5 Release Date and Specs – New Rumors

We had a long way of rumors, leaks, fake details, and news from the start of PlayStation 5 was announced. Much of the leaks included information on the storage, controller, and the last one was about the developer kits.

However, we are still missing some piece of information if the other ones are true. We don’t know the price of the PS5 and when the company will release the device. Let’s start first with every leak we have about PS5, and then we will give you the ultimate and top hot information about the release date and price.

PS5 possible specs

First of all, PS5 will have an AMD Ryzen CPU with eight cores and 7nm Zen 2, and a 3D audio unit for a better sound. The second thing about PS5 is that it will have an SDD that would render 2D much better than the actual PS4. Also, the 8K graphics are available on the new console, and the VR headset is compatible with it.

On the other hand, what we know about the PS5 controller comes in contradiction with the VR supported feature. If the rumors are right, the next generation controller will not have the light bar used on the VR headset. Also, PS5 is getting some design changes so that we will see another kind of console.

PlayStation 5 release date

The hottest information about PlayStation 5 is the release date and the price. We know from the leaker PSErebus that the console will launch next year around the holiday season.

PlayStation 5 will launch in only a few countries first, such as in North America, around November 20th, 2020. At this moment, we are practically waiting another year to get our hands on the most awaited console, and the idea of launching at that time is because of the company’s 25th anniversary.


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