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PlayStation 5 News — SSD and Ray-tracing Features Confirmed by Game Developers

The next-installment from Sony, the PlayStation 5 is anticipated to arrive later this year. The console succeeded in gathering a lot of hype and a huge fanbase already. Every rumor, leak, and information is needed and analyzed and over-analyzed by gamers and experts to find out more about the PS5.

But, without any official statements and hints from Sony, it is hard to rely solely on comments made by the game developers who work on games for the upcoming console. Their leaks related to PS5 are scarce and sometimes confusing. However, we might still be lucky thanks to the developers of Martha is Dead.

PlayStation 5 Performance Details

The LKA Studios, Martha is Dead’s developer, has offered a piece of information about the performance of the next-gen PS5. Luca Dalco, CEO of the LKA Studios, stated during an interview that the features of the upcoming console are letting game developers, especially those of the horror genre, to produce some outstanding visual effects on their works. He also praised the PS5 mostly for its way of working with high-density textures.

Dalco said: “The PS5’s specs are incredible, with additional graphics and support for systems that include ray tracing technology. We are glad to see that the next generation of hardware systems can support our vision of bringing such an image to players.”

The LKA Studios had also succeeded in utilizing the highest resolution textures possible on PS4, but not the results obtained with PS5 are more significant, according to Dalco. The PlayStation 5 support for Texel texture density turns everything into a whole new perspective. Higher resolutions, for example, will set the visual effects even more refined. As for the SSD feature, Dalco explained how high-quality games are more prominent, but with the quickest load times ever.


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