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PlayStation 5 Features, Specs and Other Details Explained by Sony

Sony held today a presentation about its next-gen console, the PlayStation 5. The presentation was realized directly by Mark Cerny, the system architect. It was announced that the feature most wanted by the devs was the SSD. Cerny also stated that the “time-to-triangle,” meaning the period needed for devs to got to their full production goal, was decreased.

They now have under a month from 1-2 months with the last generation of console, the PS4. Such a thing was done by balancing the revolution and evolution. The full cover-up of the presentation and one of the most significant features the PS5 is said to introduce can be found below.

PlayStation 5 Specs, Features, and Most Significant Details Uncovered

First, Cerny discussed the incredible performance of the SSD, naming it “blindingly fast.” The SSD speed is 3GB + 5GB/s +1.5, meaning 0.27 seconds. The reality of an SSD is 100x faster and can load enough textures and assets of the objects behind a player while the player moves. The use of the SSD offers more freedom to devs that don’t need to be troubled by the streaming and loading periods while designing levels.

The memory of 16GB of GDDR6 RAM will also become more efficient. But SSD needed to function best in any situation, so Sony brought a custom flash controller. Now, there are 6 levels of priority when reaching the storage and 12 channel interface. The total size of the SSD is 825GB.

The PS5 got equipped with a custom Kraken decompressor in the I.O unit, a dedicated DMA controller, 2 I/O coprocessors, coherency engines, and an on-chip SRAM. The base I/O intends to reach a 100 % faster rate. The console will support some commercial M2 SSD units to increase your storage. Notably, not all M2 SSD will be efficient. Sony will soon announce those units that will work. As for the GPU, the next-gen console got a custom AMD based on the RDNA2 concept.

More Details on PS5

Moreover, PS5 will comprise PS4 and PS4 Pro legacy modes. Sony anticipates nearly all of the top-100 PS4 games to be available at release. The most rumored and discussed feature, however, is the ray-tracing arrival. Such a function can be used both for audio and visual.

PS5 also supports lots of multiple sound sources and offers the “feeling of actually being there.” The goal was to introduce 3D audio for all. The Tempest Engine for audio is also present on the console. HRTF setups will also be available to test for the best surround result. We expect the next-gen console to hit markets worldwide during this year’s holiday season. You can watch the full presentation below:

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