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PlayStation 5 And PlayStation 5 Pro To Launch On The Same Day Reportedly

The upcoming launch of PlayStation 5 is already a significant reason of happiness for gamers worldwide since it will be a considerable upgrade for the previous PlayStation 4. But the Japanese-based corporation Sony wants to provide us even a better deal: a PlayStation 5 Pro version alongside the standard PlayStation 5. And the Pro version will be as you’ve guessed, even a more powerful console.

Both versions of PlayStation 5 will launch on the same day

Journalist Zenji Nishikawa gives us even another good news: the two marvelous consoles will be released on the same day. Unfortunately, it is unknown a release date since Sony didn’t say anything, but most clues point to the hypothesis of PlayStation 5 being released until the second half of next year.

Don’t expect it to be launched tomorrow or in a couple of weeks, we will most likely pass the first quarter of 2020 until we will have the privilege of delighting ourselves with the fantastic features of PlayStation 5.

We don’t know what PlayStation 5 Pro will be capable of, but we can take a guess

It’s evident that the Pro version will be better than the classic one, but Zenji Nishikawa didn’t tell us what’s exactly new on PS5 Pro. Making an analogy with the release of PlayStation 4, we have plenty of reasons to expect the Pro version of PS5 to come with massive improvements. PS4 Pro came with improvements like 4K support, more frame rates and other fancy tech stuff that the classic PlayStation 4 wasn’t capable of.

We already know that PlayStation 5 is expected to perform Virtual Reality games, and 8K graphics due to third-generation AMD Ryzen processor and a GPU based on AMD’s Radeon Navi. PS5 will have solid-state drives, and the Pro version can’t be less impressive than that.

Therefore it’s almost terrifying to imagine ourselves what the PS5 Pro version may be capable of. Is there room for any more improvements? Sony continues to be pretty silent to the public when it comes to revealing information for the upcoming PlayStation 5 console, and instead, they are focusing on PlayStation 4 games which they plan to show during a State of Play news stream later this month.


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