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PlayStation 4: System Software Update 7.50 Brings Significant Improvements

While a whole gaming industry is breathlessly waiting for Sony’s next-generation console dubbed ‘PlayStation 5’ to arrive on the market, the good old PlayStation 4 still has a lot to prove. The new 7.50 system software update is now live, and it brings some interesting improvements.

The new update underwent a beta testing phase in the past months, and it introduces some new features alongside the system stability improvements. The new features are pretty basic: the option to sort apps, games, and inside folders, an improved connection speed test, and also an update for HDCP – High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection.

How to get the update

Sony kindly explains how to get the new update for PS4:

  1. Create the ‘PS4’ folder on the external drive. Access the folder and create another one within it, and name it ‘UPDATE.
  2. Download the ‘agree to terms and download update’ file from the official site of PlayStation.
  3. Save the downloaded file in the “UPDATE” folder as “PS4UPDATE.PUP”.

You might get the following error: “SU-41350-3 – Cannot find the update file”. This means that the PUP file was renamed by your computer because of too many downloads of the same file. To solve this, you have to check the download location from your PC or Mac, and delete all the previous versions. You have to make sure that the name of the current file is: PS4UPDATE.PUP.

PlayStation 5 arrives in December

If it all goes according to the plan and the new coronavirus won’t cause any delay, Sony will release its PlayStation 5 console during the last days of 2020. The gaming machine is a significant upgrade for its predecessor PS4, as it brings haptic controllers, more hardware power, a virtual assistant, and more.

Along with PlayStation 5, the successor console for Xbox One will also be released, as it will be named ‘Xbox Series X.’ A major console war is looming surely, and it will be hard to decide which one of the two next-generation gaming machines will be better.


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