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PlayStation 4 Has One-Year Exclusivity For Final Fantasy VII Remake

For some time now, there have been speculations all over the web regarding an Xbox version of the Final Fantasy VII Remake​. Today, the newly revised box art for Square Enix’s upcoming game has been updated with the date for the title’s timed exclusivity on PlayStation.

Announced way back during E3 2015, together with The Last Guardian and Shenmue 3, fans have always known that Final Fantasy VII Remake​ would first be released on PlayStation 4.

However, because the game is developed with the next-generation technology in mind, we thought perhaps an early launch on both PlayStation 4, Xbox Scarlett, and PC would take place.

According to the images that are being shared on the game’s official social media page, Final Fantasy VII Remake​ is going to roll out to other platforms on March 3rd, 2020. The exclusivity is only lasting a year, as we can see. Hopefully, the game will be enhanced just it time for Project Scarlett, which is rumored to pack 12 teraflops of power.

Here is the image Twitter user Wario64 posted.

You can see on the bottom right corner that it mentions that exclusivity ends on ‘3/3/21.’ It appears that the earlier rumored pieces of information were actually correct. Taking into consideration the fact that the Final Fantasy franchise is coming to Xbox Game Pass, Final Fantasy VII Remake​ is under development for the system. In addition, Final Fantasy XV also sold very well, so it would be a shock if this title had not landed on Microsoft’s console.

Those who wait to play the game on Xbox One – 2021 is a bit away, so new deals could be made in the meantime. Hopefully, the Final Fantasy VII Remake​ will land on Xbox One, and wouldn’t just hit PC, because anything is a probability in today’s competitive gaming field.


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