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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’ 4.3 Updates: We Got a Timeline

Isn’t this the perfect timing? We all know what it’s like playing a game: we get too much into it, we spend way too much time, and we get mad every time we fail. We are here to give you another reason to do all of those once again: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds 4.3 update comes with a new proper progression feature.

Here’s all we know so far

Progression is a combo between the before-released weapon mastery update – which showed how you deal with guns – and the brand new survival mastery stats. It takes a look at how far you run, for example, or what are your landing areas of choice, how you’re dealing with healing, and how you support plays. It is tracking everything that is not shooting. For every stat there’s XP, but how good is this? You can unlock stuff!

New guns and weapons in the 4.3 update

We believe that the timeline from this game is quite impressive. It actually gives you details about all the actions you performed in the game. It’s like seeing an episode of one of your alternative lives. It’s very interesting! You’ll get a list and the XP you got. You’ll know the location where players do some actions, the landing points, the distance that players travel with a vehicle, the damage received and dealt, and the surviving Blue Zone phases.

The new update also comes with a double-barrel pump-action bullpup shotgun which is called the DBS, and it looks stunning. It’s like you’re shooting with a beast. You can only get it from Care Packages. DBS also comes with two internal magazine tubes which also allow the user to load the 12-gauge rounds. They can produce a lot of damage in a very short time. The maximum effective range for you to deal damage is of 100m.


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