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Play SWF Adobe Flash Player Files Without Using Your Browser

As you probably already know, browsers will drop the support for Flash. However, the problem is: if you have an SWF file that you need to open, what should you do? Don’t worry. Adobe comes with a hidden Flash Player download for Mac, Linux, and Windows. You can open any SWF file outside your actual browser.

Adobe is very good at hiding the Flash Player. On the original website, it is known as the “Flash Player content debugger.

In order to get it, you need to visit the Debug Downloads page on the Adobe’s Flash Player website. All you have to do is click on the “Download the Flash Player projector content debugger” link that’s under Linux, Mac, or Windows – depending on what you’re using.

For Windows, you will get an EXE file that doesn’t need installation. You just need to double click on it, and it will run.

From there, you’ll get an Adopt Flash Player window. If you want to open an SWF file, you either have to drag or drop it to the window, or you can click “File” and then click on “Open.” You can also browse this kind of file on your system, or enter a path to the SWF file that exists on the web.

If Flash objects are too tiny, you can always resize the window in order to zoom in. It’s quite simple because now you can do whatever you want with the SWF file.

You can also click right on the Flash object, or use the menu bar in order to control the normal options, such as image quality, zoom setting, or going from full-screen mode on to full-screen mode off. And that’s not even the best part.

The incredible piece of news that we have for you is that this Flash Player will keep working even after the web browser will get rid of it. We need to remind you that this is not just the debug tool for developers. It’s quite useful, and it represents a solution for those who really need Flash.


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