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Play Elder Scrolls Online For Free This Week

Elder Scrolls fans get some pretty exciting news. According to the latest reports coming from Gamespot, the online game has been issuing new content and updates since it had been launched back in 2014.

Just in case you did not catch up with the game in the past five years, you have the opportunity to check it out for free.

ZeniMax Online offers a free trial period across the PS4, PC, and Xbox One until November 13.

After the trial period is over, you will be able to play the full game with the character that you have previously created by simply getting a boxed copy – the current version of which is branded with the Elseweyr expansion.

The online publication mentioned above notes that online play is free after that. On the other hand, enthusiasts can pay for a premium subscription for extra goodies each month.

Elder Scrolls in the news

Almost eight years have passed since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released, and you probably know by now that it managed to receive praise from players and reviewers alike.

The renowned title was released across a vast number of platforms, and a lot of gamers believe that Bethesda can deliver a worthy sequel or a new entry in the series.

There are various rumors regarding the possible location of the upcoming installation.

We recommend that you head over to this previous article and find pout more details on the subject.

In other news, towards the end of past month, it’s been revealed that the latest update for Elder Scrolls: Blades brings a special event in the form of the Witching  Season.

Patch 1.4 converts the town into a spooky area, which is filled with thematic props and scary quests. An overhaul of the spell collection will bring an assortment of dangerous spells.


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