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Planet X may be an incredibly dense black hole

In recent years one of the hottest topics among the scientific community is the supposed existence of Planet X, an elusive object which may be located in an area beyond Neptune.

Theories about the object, which is also called Planet Nine, began to surface in 2016 as astronomers struggled to explain the curious orbit followed by some objects. According to some theories, the object could be up to ten times heavier in comparison to Earth. A complete orbit around the sun would take 20,000 years.

Several theories about the nature of the Planet X were discussed, but a team of researchers offers an interesting take on the object, arguing that the supposed planet is not a planet.  The researchers believe that the strange object may be high-density black hole with size on par with that of a bowling ball.

The team is already hard at work as they strive to collect evidence in the form of radiation pulses which should be released by the black hole. In the proximity of a black hole, the presence of black matter should lead to the emission of gamma-ray pulses.

According to the scientists, the reduced size of the black hole means that it will not pose any threat for a considerable period.  It is important to keep in mind the fact that at this point there is no conclusive proof which can confirm or contradict the theory.

The area in which the object could be located is situated within the Kuiper Belt, a region located beyond Neptune which is rich in rocks and icy debris. Some researchers believe that the gravitational pull of the object could attract other objects and direct them towards strange objects.

Of course, there are some conspiracy theories which argue that a rogue planet known as Nibiru could be the source of the strange phenomena, believing that Nibiru could be in fact, Planet X.


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