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Persona 5 – The Nintendo Switch Port Might Be Introduced Soon, According to Atlus

Fans’ hope for a Persona 5 Nintendo Switch port might happen after all. Atlus developers’ plans for the game could change significantly. They did a recent survey in which they asked fans if the game should arrive on Nintendo Switch, too.

Such news was followed by a discovery of Catherine: Full Body rating for the hybrid platform in South Korea. Since then, nothing else has been released or announced, so we still don’t know if a Switch port could be possible. The requests are even more now for the giant Atlus to add Persona 5 to the Switch. IGN, on the other hand, might get something to share with us. It recently discussed with Ari Advincula, the Atlus Communications Manager, and succeeded in obtaining a reply.

“I am a strong believer in “never ever give up on hope. You want what you want, and if you don’t let us know it, we’re never going to be able to make it,” said Advincula. So, it seems as vague as it might appear, we still got a solid chance.

Persona 5 Set to Arrive on Nintendo Switch

As Atlus engaged in an open discussion with its fans, by surveying them, it seems the company truly cares about what people think and want. Advincula’s reply, however, sounded a little bit disappointing, mainly because it caused more confusion. To don’t give up on hope is not enough to keep fans content.

Well, it is good that Atlus is listening to its fans and understand the request for Persona 5 to arrive on Nintendo Switch, but we want something more accurate. Currently, Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, is the only Persona game that made it to the Nintendo Switch. Also, Joker, the main character of Persona 5, was seen on various Switch games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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