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Overwatch 2: New Game Modes to be Announced

Blizzard has been really quiet about Overwatch 2, even though it revealed the highly anticipated game last year at BlizzCon.

We do know that the title is going to be a huge addition to the newest Blizzard IP, as it will incorporate two new types of co-op PvE modes, namely a Campaign, and Hero Missions, and will also add a brand new mode to the PvP system as well, named Push.

The reveal was significant on the new Push mode, but aside from this, we did not receive any more information about what exact changes will be made to the series’ popular multiplayer.

However, a new job listing could offer us a clue into what the gaming studio is planning with the next build of the Overwatch world.

New Modes to Appear in Overwatch 2

The main responsibility for the new job will be to “work with team leadership to design and implement new game modes and other game systems,”​ according to the job listing. As Blizzard is referring to new game modes in the description, it suggests that there are still undisclosed modes that are going to be included in the game.

The job description also notes that Blizzard’s ideal candidate would be capable to “work closely with other designers, engineers, artists, and producers to help make Overwatch a great game” and “act as a player advocate to ensure the highest level of usability, playability, and visual excitement.”

The earlier revealed Push mode is located on a symmetrical map, and the main system of the mode appears to be teams pushing a robot across a map with the purpose of moving the omnc toward their team’s goal.

Perhaps this new mode will be a deflection from the aims that all Overwatch modes depend on, namely, escorting an objective, or snaring a region.


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