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Outlook Express in Windows 10: Where Can You Get the App?

If you were looking for an Outlook Express that works for Windows 10, then we are here to help you. There are so many people asking the supreme question: where is Outlook Express? Before Windows 10 was launched, many wanted Microsoft to revive the old Outlook Express simply. But it didn’t happen mostly because technology has advanced.

So how can you run Outlook Express in Windows 10?

There are many alternatives to getting Outlook Express, even for your Windows 10. The experience is not precisely the same, of course, but it will help you in working with similar software.

Why isn’t Outlook Express found in Windows 10?

You cannot find Outlook Express in Windows 10 because it has been deprecated since Windows Vista. This means that we didn’t have it on either Windows Vista or Windows 7. So we are sorry, but if you’re looking for a way to get Outlook Express on Windows 10, you are reaching a dead end. It has been gone for a very long time. we are also sure you won’t find it in the Microsoft Store. After Outlook, Windows Mail came, and now it’s available as Windows Live Mail.

Outlook Express should not be confused with Microsoft Outlook, which is much more than an email app. They’re not built the same. They don’t share a common codebase.

Perhaps, one day, a developer will come and bring back our older friend in an excellent app for Windows 10. But wouldn’t that be a conflict for Microsoft?

Here are the best alternatives for Outlook Express:

Eudora, Lotus Notes, Zimbra Desktop, Zinstall XP7 Technology, Mozilla Thunderbird, Pegasus, Calypso, The Bat, Barca, Pine


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