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Original Apex Legends Map Returns To The Game For Limited Time

Many players fell in love with the original map featured in Apex Legends, as countless victories were scored across Kings Canyon. Respawn Entertainment, the developer of the title, has announced that the original version of the map will be available on a separate playlist for a limited amount of time, from February 21 to February 24.

The map was changed before the introduction of the second season, but it seems that Respawn wants to offer new and old players alike the chance to experience the classic version. From season 3 onwards, players have been fighting across World’s Edge, which was also enhanced for season 4.

Some players are puzzled by the fact that the map will be available for such a short time, but the decision is likely based on a few essential factors. The developer may also want to see how the player base will be split by the existence of two options and the way in which the matchmaking protocol can handle the tasks without problems.

Apex Legends is a famous battle royale title

Apex Legends took the world by storm as it was released without prior advertising in February 2019. The popular battle royale title offers an exciting twist as players compete in teams of three against a map full of rival teams.

One of the most interesting additions was represented by the introduction of a handy ping system that allows players to highlight select directions, objects, or even enemies and to suggest useful strategies. The fast-paced gameplay experience is complemented by the ability to climb over short whiles, slide under inclined surfaces or use zip-lines to get from one point to another quickly.

Fallen teammates can be resurrected even when they are killed if the other members can grab their tag and take it to one of the beacons spread across the map. The Apex Legends battle royale game is available across Windows PCs, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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