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Operation Warrior Relief aims to raise money to fund medical cannabis for disabled veterans

As of now, Medical Marijuana has been considered as a legal product in Louisiana. It is available in multiple pharmacies in the state but not all. However, a few of the veterans that wanted it to be legalized, now mention that it is way more expensive than they could afford.

This is why some of them are launching the effort termed as Operation Warrior Relief. These warriors gave everything for the country, but now suffer its aftereffects and for some, the effects are both mental as well as physical.

Izaak Thibodeaux, a local who suffered from chronic pain as well as post-traumatic stress, was the one who started this movement named “Cannabis for Warriors”. This is especially because many in the past have overdosed by binging on the opioids or have resorted to death by suicide.

In his statement Thibodeaux mentioned that, cannabis has been saving lives all across the USA. When one takes a look at statistics of the states with legalized medical cannabis, the rates for suicide have dropped drastically. This is obviously when one can afford the same. Also, the instances of overdose have also dropped over the years.


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