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Opera Mini Vs. Opera Touch – GUI, Features, And More

Opera is a “veteran” in the world of Internet browsers. For years, Opera has been struggling to keep up with Internet Explorer, and Chrome and Firefox, later on. More recently, Opera also focused on mobile web browsing with its Opera Mini and Opera Touch. In this article, we’ll compare these ones, judging them on their GUI, features, and more.

Opera Mini Vs. Opera Touch – GUI, Features, And More


The first difference between Opera Mini and Opera Touch is visible when looking to their GUI. Opera Mini keeps a classic, more straightforward interface, while the other shows modern graphics with some improved graphical elements.

Opera Mini GUI shows the most-accessed sites on the Home Page, allowing users to access additional options by sliding from the right of the screen. Opera Mini keeps its interface simple.

On the other hand, Opera Touch also shows quick-access sites, while additional tabs, including My Flow and History, are also available. If you want to access the other options, such as settings and more, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Opera Touch comes with a polished homescreen and a more sophisticated interface.


Both Opera Mini and Opera Touch come with a whole bunch of functions. But each is designed for different devices. Opera Mini is absolutely perfect on low- and mid-range devices, while Opera Touch works better on high-end smartphones and tablets.

Opera Mini, however, comes with a data-saving function that is handy for users with limited data plans. If that’s not an issue for you, and you also have a decent device, we recommend opting for Opera Touch.

On both Opera browsers, you can change the color themes, enable the Night Mode, and use functions like ad-blocking, video downloader, personalized newsfeeds, and more.

On Opera Touch, however, you’ll also have a reliable cryptocurrency mining protection and dozens of search engine to set as default for your browser.

Speed and Data Consumption

As we’ve already mentioned, Opera Mini focuses on data saving and using fewer resources than Opera Touch. It is, therefore, fast and reliable on any smartphone.

On the other hand, Opera Touch consumes more data. Accordingly, you should only use Opera Touch on high-end, larger devices and with a higher data plan so that you won’t have to worry about extra costs.

Opera Mini Vs. Opera Touch – Conclusions

Both browsers are good alternatives to the more popular ones like Google Chrome or Firefox. In reality, there are not many differences between them when used only for browsing. When it comes to data use and reliability, the Opera Mini wins the competition.

In conclusion, Opera Mini is more straightforward to use and ideal for low- and mid-range devices, while Opera Touch is better more performant smartphones.


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