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Opera Mini Update Introduces File-Sharing Functionality

Opera Mini is a lite and safe browser that offers an overall great experience as it allows you to surf the Internet even if your connection is not decent. The web browser is also great at saving data, blocking ads, and gives the option to download videos from social media platforms.

While providing you with the latest (or personalized) news, Opera Mini is the first and only web browser in the world that comes with an in-app file sharing feature.

Opera Mini Key Features

Here are some key features the web browser delights its users with.

• Save Data
With Opera Mini, you get to save about 90 percent of your data and browse more rapidly even on slow connections due to the browser’s compression modes that enable smooth navigation.

• Fast and Easy Offline File Sharing
Send and receive files in a secure manner even if you aren’t connected to the Internet or have no data usage. Share music, videos, images, and other files with incredible speed (up to 300 MB per second). To transfer files with Opera Mini, simply scan the QR code displayed in the web browser.

• Ad Blocking
Opera Mini​ comes with a default ad blocker so users can navigate without being annoyed by limitless ads.

• Personalized News
Stay up to date with the latest news specially tailored for your interests with the redesigned news feed of the browser.

• Smarter Downloads
Opera Mini​ lets you download files in the background and keeps the downloading process on stall until you are again connected to a Wi-Fi network. The browser will send a notification when the downloads complete; simply click on the notification to open the file – there is no need to look through the folders to find the downloaded item.

The web browser has a multitude of other interesting features, such as the tab gallery that allows you to open multiple files at once, night mode, and the possibility to save your favorite sites. It also gives you the opportunity to sync the browser on all your devices and switch up your search engine.

Opera Mini 45.0.2254.144855 Update

The latest installment that rolled out for the web browser, Opera Mini​ 45.0.2254.144855 update,​ brought a great feature no other browser has. The file-sharing functionality is now a feature attributed to Opera Mini only, and only its users can enjoy it.


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