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Opera Mini Beta: New Update is Available

​Opera Mini for Android is one of the most used web browsers all over the world, specifically designed for, you already know, Android devices. The application is mainly designed for those of you who want or need to preserve data.

An Innovative Web Browser

With Opera Mini’s High and Extreme data saving modes, you can conserve a large amount of data, and by default, save money. One of its features was recently the talk of the town as many users loved it and reportedly use it a lot. The mobile browser app introduced a feature that allows users to share files without needing to be connected to the Internet.

The offline file transfer mode, which is called ‘File Sharing,’ enables users to share audio, video, photos, documents, and even applications without requiring an active internet connection. Opera claimed, when it released the feature, that the file transfer is possible by creating a secure private network that makes sure to provide a smooth connection between the two devices.

In addition, the mobile web browser is fast, free, and has a rather impressive user interface. A great thing the app offers is the possibility to get a glimpse of the upcoming features of Opera Mini in the versions 2.3 and up, on both smartphones and tablets.

Opera Mini beta, a newer version still under development, as the creators are experimenting with new features, fixes, and modes. The beta version of the web browser has been designed with a native look and was made to be easier to access and use. Offering less clutter, not the usual hassle, and a glimpse of the upcoming features, Opera Mini beta gives users impressive and superior browsing experience.

Opera Mini Beta Update

Now, Opera Mini beta 45.0.2254.144650​ update was released and brought forth an interesting feature and numerous fixes. The new update comes with a new experimental feature in the offline news section, and various stability and performance fixes.

Opera Mini beta is free to install and use, and can be browsed and enjoyed on any Android-run device.​


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