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Opera Browser With Free VPN 55.2.2719.50740 Update is Here

Opera Browser, one of the most popular in the world, is a great tool for all Android and PC users. Now, due to the latest update made available by the developer, the web browser provides a more amazing experience.

Opera packs numerous features that have been basically developed to offer its users the greatest experience there can be. The team behind the web browser is rolling out updates regularly, making it even more performant.

Key Features

Opera has, at its base, numerous features all the other web browsers have. However, here are the most amazing functionalities some web services do not offer.


The ad-blocker helps users get rid of all the ads, which automatically has the pages load faster. Opera also packs an option to remove the annoying cookies, privacy dialogs, and so on.

Built-in VPN

You can navigate the Internet in a more private and secure manner by utilizing a built-in VPN. The VPN on Opera is also free to use, and by utilizing it, your IP address is changed with a random one. Therefore, you won’t be forced to share your location or any important data on the Internet.

Personalized Newsfeed

Opera uses AI to help with news engines that power the newsfeed. The functionality allows you to swipe through a series of customized news channels straight in the web browser. The service also provides you with the possibility to subscribe to certain topics and save stories to read later.

Opera Browser With Free VPN 55.2.2719.50740 Update

As mentioned above, the developers behind Opera are regularly releasing updates to make the web browser a better experience. The latest rollout, Opera Browser With Free VPN 55.2.2719.50740 update, introduces a redesigned night mode with eye-saver, night mode scheduling, assistance for dark web pages, enhanced news support, and bottom bar tab-switching gestures.

In addition, it incorporates Chromium 77, comes with Android 10 support, and enhanced VPN connectivity management. The update is also packing various bug fixes and stability improvements.


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