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Opera Browser Beta 56.0.2780.51546 Update is Available

Opera Browser is one of the most renowned and used web platforms in the world, available for both PC and Android. Now, thanks to the latest update rolled out by the developer; the web browser offers a more exciting experience for all its users.

Opera boasts numerous useful features that have been created to provide users with the best browsing experience there can be. The developing team behind the popular browser is releasing regular updates that come with performance improvements and sometimes new features and functionalities.

Best Features of the Browser

Ad Blocking

The ad-blocker included within the browser offers users a smoother navigation as it removes all the ads. This means that the web pages also load a lot faster. Opera also provides users the option to block most cookies and privacy dialogs as well.

Built-in VPN

The built-in VPN allows users to navigate the Internet in a more private and safer manner. When using it, the IP address is replaced with another one, a virtual and random one; therefore, enabling you to keep your location secret.

Personalized News Feed

Thanks to the AI news engines that manage the news feed in Opera, users are provided with a collection of personalized news channels straight in the browser. Users can subscribe to their preferred topics and save the stories for later.

Opera Browser Beta 56.0.2780.51546 Update

Beta users are the first to access all the new implementation the developers roll out in the updates before releasing them for the public. The latest release, Opera Browser beta 56.0.2780.51546 update, has been unearthed for all beta subscribers.

The update comes with stability and usability fixes to the browser and via OTA or over-the-air channels for beta testers only. Users enrolled in Opera’s beta program can download the update now, as it is available.


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