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Opera 55.1.2719.50626 with VPN Update Launched With Novelties

Opera blocks ads, and browsing is way faster. The native ad blocker of Opera will help you get rid of those annoying ads, and it will load your pages more quickly. There’s also the option to get rid of the annoying cookies and the privacy dialogs. Recently, Opera 55.1.2719.50626 with VPN launched with some novelties.

Opera Browser features

Opera has a built-in VPN, which will improve your security and privacy. You need to turn on Opera VPN in private mode, and your IP address will be automatically changed with a virtual one, in order to help you in avoiding unintended location and in sharing your personal data.

You get a personalized news feed, which is powered by the smartest AI news engine. You are able to swipe through a selection of customized news channels directly from the browser, and you can subscribe to your favorite topics, and save stories that you want to read later. Also, you get the night mode, with adjustable lighting options, which will get you the most comfortable reading experience in the dark — no more eye strain. You can get to the night mode directly from the main menu.

You can manage your passwords, and you get the autofill option. Save your passwords automatically on a site and autofill your payment info for when you shop online in the safest way out there. You get a private browsing experience. You can use individual tabs in order to go incognito on the Internet, without actually leaving a trace on your device. Switch between normal and private browsing in the tab gallery.

So what’s new in Opera 55.1.2719.50626 with VPN?

You now get Chromium 77, and Android 10 support. There’s also an improved VPN connectivity handling. Also, they took care of some bugs and made more stability improvements in the new Opera Browser 55.1.2719.50626 with VPN update.


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