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OneUI 2.0 Might Not Launch On Galaxy S9, Note 9, And Older Devices

One UI experience is specially designated by Samsung for its customers to enjoy their device without overloading it. This feature enables users to navigate through any applications without causing the telephone to crush. One UI has a simplified visual design to be as transparent as possible. In addition to this, the model offers a user-friendly look, the customer being able to get all the information he needs employing only one glance at the device.

Even though Samsung users have been waiting for this feature to be added for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, as well as for Samsung Note9, leaks have stated that the company is not even thinking about adding this feature to phones dating back from 2018. Of course, things might change, but given Samsung’s current concern regarding the security and privacy of its users, adding One UI for some phones is not their top priority at the moment.

OneUI 2.0 Launched For Galaxy S10 And Newer Devices

In a different tone, the second version of One UI was already launched for the Samsung S20 series and last week for the Samsung S10 series. However, users have noticed that the difference between One UI and One UI 2.0 is almost inexistent.

One UI 2.0 features notifications with a lot less storage memory, as well as a dark mode available, which displays battery-saving benefits and eyesight protection. Additionally, the screen features are being upgraded and the user has the option to have a different image on the lock screen every time he locks and unlocks the phone. The One UI 2.0 is also bringing a customized keyboard for any user in terms of color, definition and increased visibility

Therefore, One UI 2.0 might be the last version of this feature and not having it at all is not such a loss. However, nobody would ever expect Samsung to upgrade all the 2018 phones to Android 11, given their track record.


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